Established during the 169th anniversary year of the first Catholic church in London Ontario, which was built where the current Cathedral exists today, St. Peter's Cathedral Council 13404 received its official charter from Supreme Council on October 16th, 2003.

Pictured here, is the council's charter, bearing the names of the 52 members who comprised the council's membership at the time of its institution. Those brothers names are also listed below. 

In the celebratory charter night booklet, founding Grand Knight, Bro. Lawrence Jardine wrote in his letter to the council membership, words of encouragement that we should always remember that prayer is our foundation and shield, while works of charity are our strength. He concluded by reminding us that our mission was to spread peace, share with those in need, and listen to those who call on us, as exemplified in St. James' admonition that our faith and love are expressed in our good works, and St. Paul's reminder that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

The council celebrated its charter night and opening celebratory Mass on Saturday, June 4th, 2005. On January 19th, 2019, our council celebrated its 15th anniversary, taking a moment to both reflect on our successes and acknowledge the dedication of those members of our parish and council whose contributions were instrumental in our growth as a council, and contemplate the many opportunities that remain for us to respond to the call for service in our community.

Council 13404 Charter Members

George W. Brunton
Paul M. Bundgard
Michael R. J. Curtis
Rev. Anthony Daniels
Des De Saliz
George P. Dienesch
John E. Downes
Gerald Ernhardt
Most. Rev. Ronald P. Fabbro CSB
Andrew A. Feniak
Raymont D. Fortier
Michael T. Fox
John P. Gagnon

John J. Goettler
Martin A. Healy
Gary W. Hergott
Patrick J. Hogan
Robert G. Holmes
Melvin Imbroll
Andrew J. Jardine
Lawrence F. Jardine
Andreas M. Jurkans
Chris Kelly
Francois J. Khouri
Roger C. Khouri
Paul D. Krauskopf

Walter K. Krus
Andrew B. Labute
Harold N. Lamb
Norman A. Lang
Robert M. Latella
Michael S. Lewis
Geoff H. Manchester
Rev. William T. McGrattan
Rev. William P. McKenna
Luigi Michelazzi
Daniel W. Muill
Gerald M. Munro
Peter V. Murphy

Patrick W. O'Brien
Frank Pados
Rudy E. Pflanzer
William M. Pilot
Douglass B. Purssglove
Rev. Stephen A. Savel
Romeo M. Sawchuck
Ivan C. Shea
Most. Rev. John M. Sherlock
Sidney A. Tarleton
Joseph A. Tornabuono
Chris A. Vander Vloet
Michael Wojtak

Past Grand Knights

Lawrence Jardine-mod

Dr. Lawrence Jardine

2003 - 2006

Harry Lamb-mod

Harry Lamb

2006 - 2007


Pat Hogan

2007 - 2010

Peter Harding-mod

Peter Harding

2010 - 2012


Larry Barrett

2012 - 2014


Sam Circelli

2014 - 2016


Pat Hogan

2016 - 2018


Roger Khouri

2018 - 2021


Martin Healy

2021 - 2022


Roger Khouri

2022 - 2023